Town Halls








Processing operations (various statements, issuance and copies of all events)

Relating to municipal services, such as:


Roll in

Open family share single mothers

Change of a child due to the recognition and registration document

Change of child adoption leave and registration document

Remove from population registers of death

Women age correction

First name correction

Birthplace and religion Correction

Join foreigners acquire Greek citizenship by naturalization

Join adult unmarried man in Municipal roll when it is written only to the Registers of Men

Join Pontian Greeks from the former Soviet Union

Polling - Unsubscribe voters

Polling - Unsubscribe EU voters

Elections - Statement of address for voter lists

Polling - Register voters

Polling - Register Community voters

Official transfer unmarried adult in birth

Official transfer divorced or widowed spouses in the municipality outside of their place of origin

Official transfer spouses and children when all family members are written in the same municipality

Official transfer spouses on marriage and family opening portion

Official transfer spouses when one is a citizen of Athens

Add first name

Birth Certificate - Locality - marital status

Certificate of closest relatives

Identification document minors

Naturalization to Law 3284/04

Registry Office

Burial License

Copies - Excerpts Registrations

Christening Statement

Divorces Statement

Domain Name Statement

Statement on Marriage Registry

Marriage Certificate

Birth certificate

Death certificate

Changes Registrations - Corrections Registrations

Adoption Statement

Voluntary recognition of a child